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Customer Management

Category Management & Direct Supply Models : Training, Innovation, Scorecards, Food Safety, Specification Control, Audits

Crisis Avoidance & Management

Advise on dealing with major incidents and product withdrawals. Dealing with Government Bodies, Legislative Issues and Media

Produce Handling from Field to Fork

Fruit Handling Reviews from Maturity Assessments to loading onto Vessels, Season Reviews, Customer Visit Management

Systems Management

Pre-Audit Preparation for Food Safety, Customer Protocols and Ethical/CSR. Quality Management Systems and Due Diligence

Product Innovation & Development

Variety Development, Innovation Management, Future Proofing, Sustainability, Shelf Life Extension, Waste Reduction

Horticultural Advice & Sustainability

Production (Variety, Choice, Training Methods) & Post Harvest Advice, Focus on Sustainable, Cost Effective Solutions

Recent News

Thoughts on non-plastic packaging as we enter Plastic Free Month

Prior to forming Paul Ward Horticulture, I worked closely with key UK retailers as a Senior Technical Manager and Director. During this time, I was one of the first to introduce paper packaging to UK retailers and worked jointly with one supplier to bring non-plastic packaging to market successfully over 20 years ago. So, why

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The EU has published EC Regulation 2020/749 which brings in the new EU MRLs for chlorate. The document was published on 4th June 2020 & new levels become law on 24th June 2020. The next review of the MRLs will be not later than 8/6/25. For more information please go to: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/eli/reg/2020/749/oj & select the

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Is This Organic Fertiliser An Alternative to Modern Artificial Fertiliser?

I am an independent horticulturist looking at more sustainable ways of growing crops, preserving them (post-harvest) & packing them. I have been working with my partner on an organic fertiliser with a view to our bringing this product to the market for organic & conventional growers, home gardeners & allotment growers to use to add

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BRC Standards & COVID-19 Latest news

There is increasing concern worldwide about the risk of Food Fraud as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. BRCS have just posted a webinar this week on this subject. To see more information, please go to: BRCS Standards & COVID-19 Latest News Also, if your company is due to have a BRC audit soon, it

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Are coatings a plastic packaging replacement?

  If one looks at the Internet, all too often there are articles & images about plastic and the effect it is having on our planet & its wildlife. Such examples are: Pollution: Birds injesting hundreds of bits of plastics a day Horror stories – the shocking tale of a man made monster Bue Planet

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Water Availability

Recent visit to South Africa highlights a global trend: Water availability for drinking & crop production is becoming a bigger issue. In South Africa, for example, the Cape Town area had only 100 days of water reserves left! We are currently looking at ways to reduce water loss & thereby conserve water. Are you ready

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What Our Client Say

"Paul is only one of a few technical people in this industry whose creativity can make a positive difference to a company’s bottom line"

Danny Francis

( Managing Director of POP Produce )

"Paul has given inspiring talks to our horticulture and food science students during careers week sharing his vast knowledge of the industry and invaluable experience, and illustrating it with countless tales of the variety of interesting aspects there are to a career in food production. Paul has also taken on students on placements and helped to give them some fantastic work experience but also guided and supported them with their research and career choices"

Anne Coules

( Nottingham Trent University )

"Having worked now with Paul some time I have been constantly impressed with his broad range of technical knowledge and understanding. His experience is across a broad a range of crops where his background covers the whole supply chain"

Rupert Hargreaves

( MD of Global Plant Genetics )

"Very innovative, approachable & professional service. Individually tailored to my business needs, & on call whenever I need practical, impartial advice. I’ve worked with Paul Ward since 200 & together, we have designed several ground breaking life extending solutions for fresh produce use”

Ronan Lynch

( Owner of Evesham Specialist Packaging Ltd )

"Amazing results coming in from our experimental orchards , great work with the Bee’s and the Trees"

Fraser M Key

( Owner of Key's of Lincolnshire )

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